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State College Distributors

What you the customer should know before the installer arrives

Our Installers Will

  • Attempt to complete all work

  • Sweep Floors before installing new carpet

  • Haul old carpet and pad away


Customers Should

  • Move all breakable items

  • Move all book from bookcases

  • Move all small furniture

  • Strip beds

  • Move all items from closet floors

  • Have touch-up paint for fresh paint jobs


Our Installers Won't

  • Disconnect or move appliances

  • Cut doors for clearance

  • Remove quarter round

  • Remove Baseboards

All installations are guaranteed


All carpets are first quality unless otherwise stated


We cannot guarantee a specific time when the carpet installers will arrive. We cannot guarantee a specific time when the carpet installer will finish.


Carpet - Seams and footprinting show in the almost all the carpets. Seams are most likely to be visible in new carpet installed in homes without window coverings or furnishings, especially in areas with the greatest amount of light. Seam visibility usually decreases with time, and with the reduction of light which occurs when furnishings are placed and window coverings are installed. Seams in berber and other level loop carpets are most noticeable and may always be visible. Footprinting is most likely to show in new carpet which has not yet been exposed to traffic and vacuuming, and which has not yet recovered the moisture which was almost totally removed in the manufaturing process.

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