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At first sight, what looks like a simple slab hides an integrated induction cooking system with 3 or 4 heat points able to combine innovative design with high versatility.


The R&D department has studied and implemented the features and the functionality of COOKING Surface Prime making the perfect fusion between technology and natural material and creating the induction of the future.

The induction process takes place when a magnetic field matches metallic cookware.
The induction top detects the metal pot and makes it warm, cooking what’s inside.


A kitchen top for cooking lovers, both innovative and conservative.
A technology that allows increased creativity using all available working space.

The invisible cooking top

The future of the induction:

Porcelain Countertops
Porcelain Countertops

Visible only when needed

To enable you to instantly locate the different-sized cooking zones on your new invisible cooktop. The new Cooking Surface induction hobs include a control unit to manage the operation of each cooking zone independently. The
the control unit allows you to control the power of the heat points by means of 9 intensity settings and programming cooking times using the timer included in the control unit itself.

The Cooking control system comes as standard with a connection
cable in accordance with the relevant safety regulations.

An additional fitting makes it possible to integrate the control unit
into the kitchen furniture, concealing it from view by means of a
vertical extraction system.

The Cooking Surface Prime R&D Department has invented a
control system in order to manage all functions.
You can download our app for free on all devices to control
and manage the system.

Cooking Surface Prime

porcelain countertops


The induction system is totally integrated under the kitchen top, with no need to cut the
hi-performance sintered slabs.

Multifunction and versatility

When not working for cooking, the kitchen top can be used for other purposes.

Hygiene and cleaning

Being a compact surface with no porosity, the kitchen top is highly higienic and easy
to clean.


• 9 levels of power
• Security system
• Timer
• Temperature control
• Control by wire


You cannot get burned, only the iron recipients get warm; without them the system
doesn’t work and it does not consume energy

Easy to use

The use of the system is easy and intuitive.

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