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Just a dash of blue. Guide to different style tiles. Mosaic, Ceramic, Glass, Subway and more.

Whether renovating your bathroom or adding some personality to your kitchen backsplash, blue is a trending color in home design. Not only is blue a calming color, but it can also be a statement piece in your home's decor. One of the best ways to incorporate blue into your home is through tiles. So many variations of blue tiles can work with any style and budget, making it a versatile choice. This guide will explore the different types of blue tiles available and how to use them in your home decor.

ceramic tile
Pulse Blue

Ceramic Blue Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are the most common in home decor. They come in various colors, designs, and finishes, including blue. Ceramic blue tiles are perfect for creating a vintage or retro vibe in your home. They work well in the kitchen as a backsplash or in the bathroom as a shower wall. You can even mix and match different shades of blue ceramic tiles to create a unique look.

glass mosaic
Bimini Azure

Glass Blue Tiles: Glass tiles are a modern and elegant option for your home. They have a smooth finish and reflect light, making a small space appear larger. Since glass tiles are available in shades of blue, you can create an ombre effect on your wall or play around with different textures. For instance, you could install smaller blue tiles in a diamond pattern against a more extensive white tile to create a dramatic effect.

subway tile
Mojave Azul

Subway Blue Tiles: Subway tiles are rectangular-shaped tiles that are usually white. But you can also find subway tiles in blue, which adds a pop of color to your walls or floors. The best part about subway blue tiles is that you can install them in various patterns to achieve different styles. You can stack them in a horizontal or vertical design or create a herringbone or brick pattern using alternating blue and white tiles.

deco tile
Cement Sun

Moroccan Blue Tiles: Moroccan blue tiles are patterned in different shapes and sizes. They usually have intricate designs and vibrant blue colors. Moroccan blue tiles can add a Middle Eastern feel to your home decor, especially when combined with other elements like lanterns, area rugs, or poufs. You can use them as a kitchen backsplash, a foyer floor, or a bathroom wall.

hand painted tile

Hand-painted Blue Tiles:

You can opt for hand-painted blue tiles for a truly unique look. Skilled artisans paint these tiles with beautiful patterns and designs with different shades of blue. Hand-painted blue tiles can add an artistic touch to any room in your home. You can use them as a standalone statement piece or mix and match them with other tiles to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Blue tiles can be a stunning addition to any room in your home. From ceramic to glass, subway to Moroccan, there are so many variations of blue tiles, making it easy to find the perfect match for your style and budget. When selecting blue tiles for your home decor, it's essential to consider the overall aesthetic of your space and how you can incorporate blue as an accent color to tie everything together. With the proper selection and placement, blue tiles can transform your home into a calming, stylish, and unique living space.

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